Favourite Resources

Biology Bugbears

Such a fantastic online resource that features excellent videos on everything Leaving Certificate Biology.

The experiment videos in particular are amazing and so well explained.

ASAP Science

These small video clips are fantastic and fun. The science is so well explained. I often use these videos in class.

Not all of them will be appropriate but you can find a video for pretty much any chapter particularly in biology and physics.

Students are weak for these.

Ted Ed

Can't stress how could this website is.

Ted Ed is a fantastic resource for students - particularly older years. There is also the option to model lessons around the video. It has everything ready made for you which you can adapt to your own teaching. Particularly useful for Transition Year students.

Ted Talks is a really good website for videos on anything in education. I've learned a lot from it.

The Physics Teacher

Superb resource for students that has been around for a while and for good reason - It works and students like it.

The Amoeba Sisters

A fantastic resource that is very similar to biology bugbears - not as focussed on the Leaving Certificate biology but still exceptional videos explained a little differently.