The Conical Flask

R. Gallagher

Hi all,

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R. Gallagher

Whats new: Feb 2021

  • Most chapters are covered in both Chemistry + Biology for Bitesize sections. Final videos to be added in upcoming days.

Most sections consists of:

  1. Video lesson(s)

  2. Presentation

  3. Notes

  4. Model Questions & Solutions

  5. Google Quiz

  6. Questionnaire

How to use the resource:

There are multiple ways of using this video lessons but two ways appear to work the best:

  1. Use the video lessons before starting the lesson in school. These will help you to lay a foundation for the topic and hopefully allow class time with your teacher to be more about understanding opposed to learning.

  2. Use the video lessons after the topic being taught in school to help reinforce the topic at home and hopefully more information will sink in.

All of the resources on this website are freely available to students. However, if you wish to participate in a research study which Ryan Gallagher is undertaking as part of his PhD study in UCC please click here.

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